But Yang Guang felt that if he chose this way, the advantages would definitely outweigh the disadvantages.

"I choose to strengthen!"
As a result, after Yang Guang’s so-called "Heaven and Earth Merit Force", a "+"was clicked, and Yang Guang’s hard-won merit force was made.
then what
The attribute display in this golden finger
Faith [The contribution of heaven and earth is strengthening fighters in the world …]
Is strengthening?
all right
"What’s the matter? Why do I somehow feel that my body is loose? What’s more, the original suppression of the true meaning of the martial arts has a more sober meaning? "
The original is to understand their artistic conception of moving mountains and want to break through to the senior guanyu as soon as possible. In the face of this world crisis of fighters, blade master Liu Qingshan suddenly felt that something was wrong
What’s more, he feels that his talent and understanding have gone up a storey still higher.
There is an illusion of getting twice the result with half the effort.
Then, as soon as he had a quick test, he continued to understand the artistic conception of a sword.
"It has really become clearer, so I can see farther and clearer. That sword is getting more and more in my heart."
So blade master Liu Qingshan showed a satisfied look.
The shackles of his senior warrior are really a little loose.
In time, he is expected to achieve advanced martial arts!
Especially after the change of heaven and earth, it has also given a certain increase.
Real at this moment is not only the Liu Qingshan and his human guanyu even some monster beast.
However, these do not include the so-called creatures from outside the eastern fantasy world, those angels from the light world and a small number of blood families
They didn’t get the gift of heaven and earth.
Maybe it’s doomed?
Yang guang, why don’t you think there are so-called changes? Because he walked an unusual path of cultivation, and his understanding is different from that of ordinary fighters.
But doing so is definitely a baptism for the fighters world and the creatures in the fighters world.
No less than a "sobering" baptism!
Then Yang Guang felt sad because there was no such thing as the merits of heaven and earth. He didn’t think there was anything great about the merits of heaven and earth at all.
After all, he got it for nothing.
He is naturally generous with things that are beneficial to China and the world of fighters.
In addition, Yang Guang also has his changes.
That is, I have made new progress after I have achieved the senior guanyu.
Notes on Life and Death Knife Meaning [Percent Completed]