Yan Ziqiong pulled out her sword with difficulty and looked at the scribes with embarrassment. "Missed, missed … will my daughter continue to dance?"

The sword light flashed, and the scribe was so scared that his face was bloody and his hands were in a mess.
YanZiQiong "oh" a so graceful with a sword on the lotus step back to its original place and don’t dance.
Tang Xiaofeng spat out a mouthful of wine, and even Yan Zigan and Wei Ziying patted the wine case, and they were breathless with laughter. The scribes were extremely embarrassed, but others all smiled.
It’s better to be so noisy by Yan Ziqiong. Many Xu Chengzhi was about to speak to Yan Ya, but he didn’t want Tang Xiaofeng to pass easily. So he looked at Ge Hun and said slowly, "My Lord, can you invite the enemy swordsman out so that I can have a chance to get to know him?"
Ge Hun clapped his hands, and a tall man stepped into the temple with his eyes like an eagle. Ge Hun said, "His name is An Mingtian Leopard. He not only killed many demons, but also fought many swordsmen in the Central Plains. Hey hey, I haven’t seen anyone beat him."
Yan Ya and Yan Yong suddenly moved, "Is it’ the magic sword’ An Tianbao?"
It turns out that although an Tianbao is a conference semifinal, he has challenged many Chivalrous people in the Central Plains and defeated him with ruthless hands. Chivalrous men are either dead or disabled.
However, although he is a malicious villain, he has also killed many demons. Good and evil are inseparable. He was called the "magic sword". Later, because there were too many people who offended people in the Central Plains, some people joined hands to plot against him. He escaped from the Great Wall in a bloody battle, but he was saved by Ge Hun’s intention. This was all about Ge.
Yan Ya, a swordsman from the Great Wall, will not have any great events, but I didn’t expect it to come out, but Zeng Zhongyuan provoked a red wind and "built a magic sword", so he looked at Tang Xiaofeng with a sneer and saw that he dared to take up the battle.
Yan Zi gauze secretly worried about her brother who had already done something, but she had to get into trouble, so she became angry and wanted to stand in front of Tang Xiaofeng, but Tang Xiaofeng thought that Yan Ziqiong had helped him once. This kind of thing can not be ignored if Yan Zi gauze fights for him again.
He suddenly reached the front of the table with a flash of his figure. "I don’t have anything like Miss Yan. I can’t dance without a sword. I might as well invite Mr. An to have a competition to help everyone."
Yan Ziqiongjiao laughed. "I have danced so ugly. If you dance worse than me, I want to see it."
Everyone laughed.
Tang Xiaofeng stepped in the first two steps, and AnTianBao faced each other.
An Tianbao’s face was sharp and murderous, and suddenly the candlelight around him flashed, and thunder sounded.
It’s not that Tang Xiaofeng had a grudge, but that he learned the art of using saber, which means that when a magic knife comes out, he will see blood, so he will kill with awe.
Although BianBi had seen Tang Xiaofeng’s fencing, he had confidence in Tang Xiaofeng. However, an Tianbao’s murder turned out to be earth-shattering, and even he was worried. I felt in my heart that "this man’s murder is so amazing that a move must be fatal. Seeing the Tang brothers go to fencing is more suitable for Yuto to find a way to win."
So he said, "A master’s fight is different from an ordinary warrior’s fight. If you can’t go outside, you can give it a try."
Tang Xiaofeng laughed. "No, it’s too cold outside. I don’t want to be frozen."
It’s a joke that an open knight errant should be afraid of freezing, but Bian Bi seems quite confident when listening to him, so there is no more to say.
An Tianbao suddenly drew his sword in blood, and when he pulled it out, it sounded like a spectre whistling. It was indeed a demon, and it eclipsed the surrounding guests. Some of them were used to fighting, but the generals were calm, while others were counselors or literati, and they immediately turned pale with fear.
An Tianbao pointed at Tang Xiaofeng and said, "Where’s your sword?"
Tang Xiaofeng is a smile "no sword"
An Tianbao looked at his burly figure coldly, but Tang Xiaofeng responded to his sight from the ground and said, "If you can force me to make a sword, I will lose."
Everyone was stunned there.
Tang Xiaofeng is a swordsman.
A sword is not like being a swordsman.
But even Xu Chengzhi frowned and felt that Tang Xiaofeng was too big.
Yan Zi Yan Ziqiong also looked at Tang Xiaofeng in amazement. He felt like a different person.
Tang Xiaofeng is clever and slick, but because he is too clever and slick, every time he meets a strong enemy, the first thing he thinks is to avoid sharpness and then look for the best opportunity. Whether it is killing Aosa in the East China Sea or killing a male bodhisattva and a blood mother-in-law together with Yanziqiong the other day, it is the same, and it will not be so arrogant as it is now.
Yan Ya Yan Yong looked at Tang Xiaofeng together and thought that he was dying?
Yan Ziqiong looked at Tang Xiaofeng’s eyes, but her heart suddenly jumped a few times. Although Tang Xiaofeng also made her feel good, she was the watched friend. Generally, because she is not afraid of death and does not lose her heart, she prefers that kind of ambitious and heroic, but Tang Xiaofeng always feels worse. It is not her type.
However, at this moment, Tang Xiaofeng stood back with his hands negative. Although he was arrogant, he seemed to have a kind of confidence like a king, which made her have an illusion that she didn’t know him until now.
Tang Xiaofeng looked at An Tianbao in a freehand manner without looking at the surrounding areas with surprise or worry.
-Who will read Wuhou if Wolong does not come out of the mountain? Who knows fish intestines if Zhuan Zhu doesn’t stab current?
-The sword has been sharpened. Do you dare?
In the eyes of Yanzi gauze and Yanziqiong, it seems that he is a different person.
But in his own heart, he clearly knows that he is still him.
He just chose a different path.
An Tianbao’s eyes flashed with furious flames … This is the first time that he has been so despised for stepping on the magic road to practice knives.
What makes him even more angry is that although he deeply feels despised and humiliated, he clearly knows that the other party doesn’t really want to humiliate him … This teenager, a teenager who is insignificant at all, just really feels that it is unnecessary to draw a sword against an opponent like him.
An Tianbao suddenly said, "Arrogance!" A roll of knife light suddenly tore and split directly at Tang Xiaofeng.
With his knife, the sky outside the temple thundered and the earth seemed to shake.
Although heaven and earth gave birth to a vision, he actually didn’t chop out a knife skillfully
Enough to split Huashan and slay the gods.
Although there are many masters around this knife, Yan Ya Yan Yong is thinking that if this knife is cut at himself, he will not do anything but wait for death.
Tang Xiaofeng stretched out a finger.
He took a finger to pick up the demon’s knife.
Suddenly, there was a dark light in heaven and earth, and then it came back. This dislocation of light and darkness made many people dizzy.
At worst, it’s better to see the black at the moment and then light up again. Then look at the two of them standing there motionless. An Tianbao’s bloody knife split Tang Xiaofeng’s finger and his face looked very gloomy.
They can’t figure out what happened to Yu anyway.
Those heroes of all walks of life who are strong or recruited by Xu Chengzhi like Yan Yong and Yan Ya feel that they have seen something and nothing. This sense of being mysterious and true and false makes them feel like vomiting blood.
They looked at each other and looked at the scene. Did they think that this competition was over?
Yan Zigan smiled and thought, "Xiaofeng won!"
An Tianbao slowly put away the blood knife and returned to the scabbard, but suddenly there was a clang, which sounded like a crack of pure iron … This indestructible blood knife was broken in the scabbard.
Tang Xiaofeng, however, went back to his seat and drank slowly with a smile like a thing.
Xu Chengzhi was angry and praised, "It’s a good thing that the Tang brothers are so skillful. No wonder they can break down the Zun Sheng Gate and kill the Zun Sheng Gate Lord with one hand. I have saved China from a big disaster."
YanYong moving way "honour the holy door Lord? Lin Wu Shan Zun Sheng Men Sheng Lord? Hearing that this man is not only mysterious and unpredictable, but also miraculous, even the five evil buddhas in Chicheng Mountain and the three old men in the Jade Family in Xicheng Mountain dare not provoke him. Even the two emperors, the three queens and the four saints in his seat dare not provoke the master easily. However, in the past few months, it seems that the sacred gate has disappeared overnight, and no one knows what happened … Is it true that the sacred gate Lord is dead? "
"Exactly," Xu Chengzhi said. "You probably know that the sacred gate is the most mysterious Jianghu sect among the top ten caves in China, but you don’t know that they are actually the Beihai Dragon who planted me in mainland China. A few months ago, the Beihai Dragon sent a dragon general, Wei Hao, to the East China Sea to steal a treasure, break the barrier of China, break the ancient contract between the dragon and the dragon, and then invade China to unify China. However, it was the Tang brothers who stopped the dragon plot and made China suffer. The Beihai Dragon refused to give up and borrowed the sacred gate. It was the Tang brothers who stirred up the wind and rain, but the Chinese people single-handedly broke into the secret nest of the Zun Sheng Gate and killed the Lord. He pulled out a cancer of the North Sea dragon species in China. "
They looked Tang Xiaofeng up in awe.
It’s not ordinary people who want to annex the Chinese heart. Who doesn’t know? This young man fought against the dragon’s plot to stop the North Sea dragon from destroying the enchantment of China, and single-handedly destroyed the sacred gate. Even the Lord, who heard about the magical power, died. If he didn’t let them be surprised and respected?
Tang Xiaofeng is a good boy who is modest and polite. He is embarrassed to say, "It’s nothing to be ashamed of!"
Actually, he should be ashamed. Although he stopped the dragon from stealing the five-color pen plan, it was because he wanted the five-color pen himself. Even so, Wei Hao still had nothing to do with him.
The slain Tian Si Emperor had nothing to do with the plan of the people of China, but he was forced to bite the cat in turn … It’s a pity that he didn’t have the courage to rush if he wanted to …