He looked back to see Bai Yujing Chen Lou, a familiar figure there

Yu Huifei squinted and the other person suddenly looked up to reveal a face!
I will not pupil blink!
Two people four eyes relative …
As if something would explode in my mind …
When Yu Huifei came to my senses and looked at the Bai Yujing Gate House, he was already alone.
I want to turn around and fly away when I have no time.
Out of the cave, he went to a nearby village in running all the way for a day, and after finding the signal, he directly called Qin Shujuan and said three words, "Help me leave Kunlun immediately. I didn’t explain it when I was late, so I couldn’t come at all."
Qin Shujuan also knew that Yu Huifei wouldn’t joke about such a thing. He asked for a location and started work directly. The maximum limit was to transfer a helicopter from a nearby military camp.
When I was waiting for the plane, I had to call Cui Jue, and someone answered it.
Calls to the zodiac, Hera, the roaring dog and others also went unanswered.
In this way, I will be more anxious!
After the helicopter, anxious to return kept looking at the outside and urged, "Can you hurry up?"
Yu Huifei is a female officer. She looks a little similar to Qin Shujuan.
"I’m sorry, Mr. Yu, this is the fastest," said the female officer.
Yu Huifei asked curiously, "What are you doing with Qin Shujuan?"
The female officer said, "She is my cousin and my name is Qin Yue."
Qin Yue’s expression of indifference is not at all because Qin Shujuan and Yu Huifei are not talkative and often lesbian.
If at ordinary times Yu Huifei will also consider the little girl in Doby, but now he is in no mood at all.
As soon as my eyes are closed, I will say, "Tell me when you get out of the Kunlun boundary. I can’t tell which is which from the surface."
Qin Yue, well, nothing happened.
Two people so silent without saying a word.
I didn’t even look at my dashing sister.
Just after flying over a small hill, Qin Yuedao "went out of Kunlun boundary"
Then she saw Yu Huifei suddenly open her eyes and the divine light flashed in her eyes and grinned at her. "Thanks!"
Then I jumped directly from the helicopter without waiting for Qin Yue to react!
Qin Yue got a fright and couldn’t come if he wanted to stretch out his hand and pull …
"Mr Yu, Mr Yu! Landing, landing! "
Qin Yue was really scared. At the same time, Qin Shujuan quickly reported the situation here.
Will be scolded by Qin Shujuan, and the result will surprise Qin Yue. After Qin Shujuan scolded her, she returned home.
Qin Yue asked, "What about Mr. Yu? Forget it? He didn’t carry a parachute. I saw his head facing the stone mountain … "
"Nothing to return," Qin Shujuan said.
Qin Yuenai hung up the phone and looked at it. Finally, he didn’t stop the curiosity. He gritted his teeth to land the plane …
There’s blood all over the hill, and her brains are bursting out. It’s disgusting to see her.
At the end of the blood trail, there will be a corpse lying on the ground with broken bones and broken head like a watermelon …
Qin Yue looked at Yu Hui at this moment and sighed, "It’s the first time I’ve ever met a suicide, and I have to move the military so hard to commit suicide … awesome!"
Chapter 531 Fraudulent corpse
At the same time, the underworld
I will not running all the way shouted the name of the wasp, but the wasp didn’t respond at this moment.
Just as I was in a hurry to run to the judge’s hall, there was a sudden gale in the sky!
I will not look up and see a big bird falling from the sky and stop me. "Director Yu? Why are you here? "
I don’t know this big bird, but the horse has a little devil and whispered, "This is a handsome bird’s mouth."
I will remember that wasps are in charge of insects and birds’ mouths are in charge of birds’ souls among the top ten Yin Shuai in hell. In addition to them, there are several Yin gods who manage the gills of fish and the leopard tail of wild animals.
I will not hurriedly hand way "seen beak brother"
The bird’s beak replied, "You’re welcome to Olympus. We’ve met Director Yu. I can hear you shouting the name of the wasp across two yellow roads. Why do you want to see the wasp?"
I will not say, "I need Brother Wasp’s help to crack the ghost gate and go back to the reform-through-labor bureau across the region. Anyone who wants to be a Jedi wants to connect with Heaven!"
Bird’s beak frown way "this ….. director of the hornet even can’t help you"
I will not puzzled look at the beak.
The bird’s beak scratched his head. "The ghost gate was hit by a fireball, and the wasp was also sent to perform the temporary method to hit the channels of Yin and Yang. It hasn’t come back yet …"
I was dumbfounded, but his horse realized the seriousness of the matter.
The ghost gate is not bad early, not bad late and now bad …
This is definitely not a coincidence.
"Look down upon the way of longevity …" Yu Huifei’s forehead was covered with cold sweat.
Bird’s beak asked curiously, "Director Yu, what happened outside? Look at your face. Why are you going to die? Don’t put it out. Everyone dies together. Then we have too much work. I want to have a holiday and rest for two days. "
Listen to this, I’m not so awkward. Look at this bird’s mouth carefully. Boy, he realized that this goods has a crow’s mouth.
Yu Huifei hurriedly said, "Brother, if you have nothing to do, just say something nice."