Free to quit the game

"Referee, my plane dropped and paused again." Yasuo dropped the line again in the free middle road, and the game had to be paused again.
"What’s the matter?" Erhong got impatient and the horse was about to hit the base. It happened that it was not normal to keep dropping the line at the moment. It was probably a trick across the street
"What’s the matter with you? You dropped the line again." The referee came over and looked at the dropped player, puzzled.
"I don’t know what’s wrong with the machine," Yasuo said in the free middle road, and his feet gently waved the network cable to ensure that the machine connection would not cause a replay as much as possible when the game was delayed
It’s the most maddening feeling for anyone who is about to win but get disconnected.
Zhang Hao chatted and glanced at the opposite side, only to see him look cool and faint, and also gave a proud look. Zhang Hao frowned. This ya seems to be intentional.
It seems that this is not an accident, it must have been premeditated. The technicians in the Internet cafe are still working hard to check the problems, but when the reconnection is not smooth, it disappears bit by bit. The countdown to 30 minutes has left ten minutes.
The sudden suspension also made the surrounding audience lose interest. Anyway, the outcome was also placed around a circle, and people would shout and disperse to make room for Zhang Hao to take a good breath
Talking about Zhang Hao in every way, looking around at the poster, I paid more attention to my eyes when I looked at the poster of League of Legends, and I watched the beautiful heroine carefully.
"Big enough and full enough" After the viewing, Zhang Hao also took out his mobile phone and took two photos of the poster, and took two game scenes for Gao Chengfeng and others.
"The referee’s time is coming. Let’s have a rematch directly. If it weren’t for the bad machine, we would have won." Yasuo, the free middle road, was ashamed to make excuses.
However, the problem of reconnection has not been solved for a long time. The freedom team has climbed out of the rematch request along the pole. Although everyone can see that freedom will fail, freedom insists that it can be turned over. This is their delaying tactics and they have little experience. The referee is also lost for a while
"Is he really proud of you?" Erhong heard that it was disgusting to ask for a rematch on the opposite side, and it was the opposite side who was not honored and humiliated.
Chapter 3 Rules of Competition
The players in the opposite middle road are leisurely stretching their legs and drinking drinks in Internet cafes, and their faces are full of pride.
"What’s the situation?" Erhong sat still and rushed to the opposite side to stare at the dropped Yasuo, as if considering how to kill this reckless guy.
"Ah, why do you want to fight?" Looking at Erhong’s poor eyes and small eyes across the street is also a cynical attitude. It seems that it is not a good crop
Zhang Hao looked at the wrong situation and leaned in. It is very deterrent for two big men who are more than one meter around Erhong to be together. Zhang Hao smiled. "It’s nothing if you lose a small wave."
"Who lost? We can make a comeback." Zhang Hao couldn’t help laughing when he said such a sentence without jumping in the face.
"You can make a comeback. Who are you kidding? The tower lost seven little dragons and none of them took the middle road. You tell me what you took to make a comeback."
"Haha, it’s true that a horse doesn’t know its face." Erhong also took the opportunity to ridicule the humiliation of red fruit.
The referee looked at the situation and warned Erhong once, "Pay attention to your line and continue to ridicule me for suspending your team."
"Oh, come on, come on, debug the machine quickly." Erhong is not stupid. If he is driven away by a few taunts, it will be a big loss.
The referee and others are still nervously debugging the machine. After a long wait, the technicians finally found that the network cable was kicked loose and connected. When the technicians proudly announced that the problem was solved, no one cared whether the network cable was repaired or not, but they were all staring at the screen.
"What’s the matter with the grass?"
"Why is it stuck?"
"Who won this?"
Seeing that both machines have returned to the main interface, the game ended automatically more than 30 minutes after the pause, which means that the game just now can’t go back.
"Referee, what’s going on here?" Erhong was a little restless. Seeing that victory was just around the corner, he suddenly returned to the origin, which was unacceptable.
"Don’t worry, don’t worry, let me have a look." The referee of the competition is actually a guy who is temporarily recruited by the organizer and has no experience at all, and he doesn’t know how to deal with this situation
After looking at the referees of both sides, they scratched their heads and smiled, "Why don’t you play a new game? The situation was an accident just now, so let’s play another game."
"Come on, come on, let’s play another game? I was stuck here just now, which affected the play too much." The middle road across the street lost no time to urge him to drop the line. He made it at the moment and won the replay opportunity. Of course, he can’t give up.
As soon as I heard that there was a rematch, there was also a lot of discussion around me. "It’s really unfair to have a rematch just now."
"What’s unfair? Can’t you see that there is something wrong with the machine? If freedom is not well played, it must be the bad influence of the machine.
"You kids be quiet and don’t affect the contestants’ competition." The only advantage of the referee is to scare the children into ignoring those social people directly and selectively, and never dare to take care of them.
Niuren team this quit a listen to a rematch Erhong first don’t allow loud voice way, "I said your ya will play can’t you see we are going to dismantle the base? How can it become a rematch?"
Gao Chengfeng is also unwilling to anger. "Referee, we are winning such a big advantage. There is no need to play again."
And Zhang Hao didn’t argue at the moment what is the rule of reading the poster silently.
The tauren team doesn’t agree to the freedom of the replay, but it is eager for the referee to be the head of the replay for a while. The tauren team does have a big advantage, but the free team insists that it can turn over the game. This is the first time that I really don’t know what to do. But just now, due to inexperience, the situation has disappeared, and the evidence is gone, and the scene is in a stalemate.
The owner of the Internet cafe heard the news and came to see that the situation was wrong. He asked the people next to him that it was difficult to judge the outcome because of the machine problem. He walked over without joking.
"Dear experts, it’s our Internet cafe problem. I’m here and you apologize. I think this is better than a game. No matter whether I win or lose, how about I pay 500 yuan for a team?"
I have to say that the owner of the internet cafe is very good at being a man and playing a game. Everyone can still get 100 yuan, and anyone will be happy to put it aside.
The Freedom Team is ready to make a big comeback. First of all, it is necessary to ban the Zhang Hao Dragon Turtle.
"No, they have lost."
Things are about to calm down, but there is a sound that ignites the atmosphere.
The freedom team quit and roared, "What are you talking about? Who hasn’t played yet? Don’t be arrogant."
Zhang Hao looked up at the pretentious guy, curled his lips with disdain and asked, "Have you lost yet?"
Anyone who asks the opposite person is guilty can see that freedom will lose. If it weren’t for the drop-off, the Tauren would have pushed the base.
"Didn’t lose us, we can make a comeback." The opposite side actually stuttered, but on second thought, it’s wrong. Why would I feel guilty?