"But you couldn’t move anyway."

Chiba so-called shrugged and said
Ten Stories of Loquat "…"
Chapter 19 Back to Wuyin Village
"Are you? !”
Ten Tibetan loquats were shocked to see Suikazan Fuguki’s appearance, and once again they felt that their brains were not enough.
What happened? !
The captain of the seven men who endured the knife actually "colluded" with Konoha to overthrow the rule of four generations of Shui Ying.
"When did you collude with Konoha Ninja lackeys? !”
Loquat ten hidden asked in surprise.
Chiba gently cough half drooping eyes "please pay attention to the wording of your lackeys-konoha ninja is this? !”
It’s a little embarrassing to call names in front of others when loquat and ten treasures turn red.
Suikazan Fuguki took it for granted and sighed, "Anyway, I’m fed up with four generations of Shui Ying and Yagura’s rule, and I’m going to expose Yagura as the fifth generation of Shui Ying. I didn’t expect you to bring a head. What do you think? Shizo! "
Shrugging his shoulders, Loquat Ten Zang’s so-called decapitated broadsword has long been sealed by Chiba scroll. Loquat Ten Zang didn’t prepare for this when he defected, but Suikazan Fuguki has already prepared all this.
"The so-called Yagura improper others I don’t have the opinion to open policy, I don’t want my village destroyed in chaos! Although I am not a ninja in this village now. "
Loquat ten hidden wry smile a self-deprecating way
"Come on, help me to build a new fog hidden village. I was the captain of the five generations of Shui Ying who endured the knife and seven people. You will always be a member of the fog hidden village! Ten Zangs "
Suikazan Fuguki is different when he opens his mouth. His language skills are very sophisticated. Chiba can’t listen to others after talking.
If it is Naruto’s mouth, at least SSS level; This Suikazan Fuguki has at least surpassed Class A to reach Class S; Chiba, on the other hand, can fool a loquat and ten hidden things at best, so that your brain is not stupid enough and you can fool some essence. Then forget it.
Chiba, etc. originally searched for a batch of loquat ten hidden treasures that entered the village first, and one person secretly entered the village. Although the brain was not good, the seven people were very familiar with the secret code and machine of Wuyin Village. If they didn’t meet a special acquaintance, Ji would be fine.
After entering the village, Loquat Ten Zang also stayed in the hotel with Chiba.
Nowadays, the village is in turmoil and it is not easy to go out.
The next day, I talked about the real spy life, which is not as thrilling as I thought. It is similar to mission impossible, and the spy shadow seems to be heavy all day. This information is not to destroy the forbearance world and must be obtained; That is, it must be completed, or the fourth world war will break out.
The real spy is to constantly tighten things bit by bit, and then sort out and analyze them. If you feel that you have it, you can hand it out, but if you don’t, you can ignore it.
Of course, Chiba is not a spy activity. If Chiba stops water and several people spy on Wuyin Village, I’m afraid that buddy will turn against me in a moment.
If Suikazan Fuguki knew that he might have swallowed his own interests, he wouldn’t turn against Chiba and others. After all, he gave Konoha information back.
Of course, this kind of thing has not been told to loquat ten hidden treasures, otherwise this brain is not good enough to make people afraid that one will turn against Suikazan Fuguki first
From this point, we can also see that they are different, one is similar to Yue Buqun’s pseudo-monarch, and the other is similar to Yue Lao San. The wicked people clamor for evil all day but have not done a few bad things, although both of them are surnamed Yue.
"Well … the organic conversation can be approached first. Compared with Qing, the paranoid guy, Terumi Mei is emotional and sexy. Terumi Mei is a very agreeable object, and Qing is still a perceptual ninja. If he looks at it with his eyes, maybe he hasn’t exposed the four generations of Shui Ying and Yagura. It would be awkward for him to expose the spy identity first."
Touch the hesitated a chiba sit a pill shop looking at the crowd Terumi Mei mumbling light way
Terumi Mei is back again.
Young and beautiful, her gentle face always wears a smile. Unlike other ninjas in Wuyin Village, she is not only powerful, but also kind and considerate at heart. She is always loved by almost all ninjas and civilians.
No wonder it is really popular that she can sit on the throne of Shui Ying for five generations.
Chiba will hand sign with a throw and then turned to leave.
Zouwuyin village neighborhood
Chiba is going to the hotel directly. There are many people coming and going in the hotel to find out about Terumi Mei and four generations of Shui Ying.
Ninja is a high-risk industry. Although it is not in wartime, it is difficult to have some casualties when it is carried out in a moderate or patient manner. The ninja at the bottom is under great pressure.
Ninjas always indulge when they come back-eating, drinking, gambling and love are the best ways to relax and vent.
But the hotel turned around Chiba and didn’t get the information he wanted.
This is a little painful.
Naiyu Chiba is wondering whether to take a trip to the casino again.
In case Terumi Mei likes gambling as much as Gang Shou, many of her gambling friends can find out her information.
After all, Terumi Mei and Gang Shou have the same characteristics-big breasts and big sisters!
Walking through Muye Street, Chiba noticed that passers-by were staring at a person.
A very beautiful and enchanting mature woman with bright green eyes, brown crossed long curly hair, and her right eye is covered by her hair. It is Terumi Mei.
Counting up, Terumi Mei is about 20 years old. This age in Chiba’s past life is not too big, but it is just a college student’s age. However, in the world of precocious ninjas, people think that there is a problem if they don’t get married, and they call it leftover men and women.
After all, in previous lives, the United Nations issued a solemn declaration that the United Nations defined "youth" as a group between the ages of 15 and 24.
What’s more, this is the world of early maturity, early marriage and early childbearing for ninjas!
That is to say, Terumi Mei will become a middle-aged woman in four years. No wonder she threatened the idiom "wedding day" with Hou Qing in World War IV.
"That’s Terumi Mei."
"Hey, I heard that she is 2 years old and has no object yet!"
"Yeah, yeah, what a good girl. Why can’t she find a suitable boy?"
They looked at Terumi Mei’s eyes, and there was nothing derogatory about those comments, but the sympathy in the tone was revealed.
Execution back Terumi Mei half drooping eyes a face of black line.
"Terumi Mei time I introduce you to that guy? ! Although I am not a ninja, I know that although I look ordinary, I now know that there are not many boys. "
Suddenly, a middle-aged aunt with a basket on her arm stopped Terumi Mei and greeted him warmly.
Chapter ninety Being blind date Terumi Mei
Terumi Mei heard this aunt’s words with a black line on her face, and her mouth kept sobbing. She wanted to make a hullabaloo about, What the hell are you introducing?
Plain looking?
More than plain? ! It’s a monster. He’s 1.6 meters tall, but he’s in his twenties. He looks like an old man with a Mediterranean head. It’s just a random combination of five senses. Anyway, nausea is the kind of thing that others do.