There was no sound this time, but Li Jue’s eardrum was a pain. Obviously, the impact power this time is really serious.

Xiao Zhongyuan’s tall and straight figure has shrunk by two inches, while his torso has grown a circle. Correspondingly, his body has suddenly collapsed as if there were a big hole in this void!
"oh? Which demon soul is possessed this time? "
A flash of cold light in Li Xun’s eyes has recognized that this is exactly the case of Hades’ Zong Zhen’s Zong Dafa-Ghost Demon Body is a special method, and it has the same effect compared with the method of "cross-breathing" for breaking and absorbing the possession of different demon spirits and instantly increasing and repairing the strange method of ghost qi.
The day before yesterday, Li Yuanxi, the fifth ghost, also tried this trick, but he was killed by Shuidielan instantly, and he swallowed his anger and died without giving full play.
Compared with yuan, it is difficult to show the power of this method to the full.
With the distortion of the surrounding gas, the ghost demon posture has been successful.
The gap between yuan and blame has been almost smoothed out by this method.
Although it is separated by Li Xu’s distance, it is directly seen that it has nearly doubled due to the demon spirit’s possession, and the fingers are forced to bend and the hands are crossed, and a seal is made. In an instant, nearly 3,000 gas machine changes have been pulled, and the cross is a huge earthquake.
If the blame is slightly wrinkled, one step in the eyebrows is empty, but the figure has unreasonably crossed the distance of less than 50 steps and moved to the side.
Sharp tear sounded in his ear, but his head was slightly tilted, but his figure was violently shaken. As a result, his gown fluctuated regularly, and his shoulders were stagnant and his clothes were cracked.
"You Dao Mang?"
Li Xun has never seen this practice. It’s a wild guess.
The more dignified his face is, the more difficult it is for him to think about it when he looks at the direction he is shifting. He shakes his sleeve slightly to reveal a pair of palms that are special except cleanliness.
The two men’s eyes met this instant hurricane and turbulence, and the sky was surprisingly quiet. It was difficult to dismantle the printing tactic, and their fists clenched and the swollen flesh creaked as if some great power was going to rush out from the inside.
Li Jue took the opportunity to glance at Shuidielan and saw that she also looked up like herself. It seemed that she was in no hurry to recover from physical injury.
However, Li Xun could see clearly that seven pieces of broken sword had fallen from her feet, which was obviously forced out by her extremely mysterious work.
Of course, this process is by no means easy to see, and her face is almost pale as if she were going to faint at any time.
She still has the energy to wait and see?
While Li Xun was wondering, he suddenly saw her nose move slightly, which seemed to smell something. Li Xun had seen her strange sense of smell and her heart moved.
Shuidielan felt that his eyes turned to look dignified and his mouth was "Oh, no!"
Li Jue was just about to ask about his nose and mouth when he suddenly stopped breathing.
His body immediately reacts and spontaneously adjusts his breathing state, but the external pressure seems to have soared hundreds of times, and his whole body has been squeezed so hard that it is as if it is not a jungle but hundreds of feet deep in the sea!
Trees, rocks, birds and animals on the dead and the living, this sudden rise and strong pressure inevitably produced violent deformation.
Trees smashed and rocks cracked, and many birds and animals were simply squeezed into a pile of blood mud!
Li Jue spat out one mouthful blood sputum and felt that he had just stabilized and the injury showed signs of recurrence, which was even more serious.
"Ding-ding" gold iron impact sounded, but it was Shuidielan who forced out the residual sword fragments in one breath. This severe pain made her bite her lips out of blood.
Li Xun looked at her and she looked back. "If we don’t work together with Qi Xin this time, I’m afraid it’s really over!"
The voice fell in the sky, and the yuan difficulty has been instantly narrowed to a distance of not more than ten feet. The yuan difficulty is simply and rudely blasted out with one punch.
Half-hitting the fist sleeve seems to be a thunderbolt, dense and frightening, and the two sides hit each other narrowly and suddenly generate.
At first, there was a dull explosion, but soon it was like climbing a ladder, rising all the way to the sharp limit and then breaking off!
Li Jue felt that his head was stuffy and he almost fell down again. At this moment, the sky’s vitality has been rolled back and the potential is fierce, just like a floor mine that makes the ground in Fiona Fang hum for hundreds of miles.
After a blow, Yuan Nan whirled in place like a fat gyro to remove this amazing power.
And it’s not easy to blame him. He flies back dozens of feet, a pair of big sleeves dance like waves, and the strength is relieved like Yuan Nan. It’s much more pleasing to the eye from the free and easy side than Yuan Nan.
However, even Li Xun detected a strong rare smell from it.
The post-change is like a sudden pantomime, and all the changes are completed in the rapid change of the picture and deeply enter the viewer’s mind.
At first, a very pale and twisted shadow crossed several thousands of feet wide days, flashing and disappearing like a devil’s back.
And until then, if blame seems to react, will he come back or not? His dignified face is distorted with severe pain.
His Confucian shirt inflated quickly like a balloon, and the ghost bounced, but it splashed blood with his face at the same time. The image was terrible.
And his limbs suddenly shrank in a circle!
Even when people were still stunned by this change, if they put themselves in the position and blew up a gray dust mist, they wrapped him in it instantly.
Although this is only a short moment, when the surging integrity blows the dust and fog, the dark hair has turned gray and the exposed skin has lost its luster in a short time.
Four or five swords are flying-this is the younger brother who is watching Tian Xingjian around. They seem to want to protect their lives.
However, at the same time, there was a blue-gray sword light as rusty copper and iron
The whole day was filled with a strange smell of copper rust, and the blue-gray sword fern flashed, and then the sword light all over the sky fell like a small meteor shower
At this time, the gyro yuan has been turning, and it is difficult to rush straight. If the blame has been absent, the eyes will flash slightly, and the hands will be slowly raised. However, the palm of your hand has just moved to the lower abdomen, and it is difficult to punch his chest, chest and back!
Blame and scream broke this strange change process.
In the roar, he slowly raised his palm and suddenly increased the speed, so it was difficult to draw out his hand and print each other’s chest in an instant.
After a muffled explosion, Yuan Nan’s chest showed a large depression, which was also bleeding and flying back.
It was not until this time that Li Jue, stunned by the ground, woke up and suddenly everything in heaven and earth flowed back, screaming, bursting, laughing, and screaming at the intersection of swords. The explosive information generated from it suddenly penetrated into his brain.
This was Li Xun’s first thought, and then he quickly distinguished all kinds of hidden information of different scenes: "The Phantom of the Monty, the Five Decades of Heaven and Man, the Gouhun Residual Sword … How did the succubus Sect, the Poison Hidden Sect and the Demon Sword Sect of Heaven merge with the Pluto Sect?"
The whistling sound in the sky suddenly cut off. When Li Xun looked back, he happened to see the ghost that was shocked at first, but he also posted a broken body.
As soon as I blame Gao Wei, my figure shrinks again!
"Searching for blood is really a succubus!"
Li Xun knows that this is a situation in which the succubus monks are searching for the essence and blood to enrich themselves. Li Xun can also say, "It’s over!"
Chapter IV Fire and Water
Who would have thought that the famous "Mr. Ganyuan" in the Zhengdao Sect would be such a field?
However, there are four masters who are not inferior to his real-life masters. It is not unacceptable that they attack and sneak attack with mental arithmetic regardless of their identity.
I was just thinking about that place, and suddenly there was a clanging sword. When Li Xun’s heart was shocked, his horizon suddenly broke and he branded a harsh purple mountain.
Haven’t waited for him during the half pure Yang firm but gentle crisscross into hundreds of gas mans condensed into a harsh sword mans ball row and in the middle … If blame alongside of.seem!