Let’s not forget that there are still a thousand hugs to follow at any time and place. A thousand golden dragon boat refining pools are arranged in three rows. A thousand identical girls are holding paddles. Xiaoqian Haw directs them to beat the ship’s rail rhythmically, just like cheering up. "Hey … sex … hey … sex …"

Damn it, is it putting me under a lot of pressure to come and visit like this?
Xu Zhihu looked around at a dense head and wiped his cold sweat for a long time. In the end, Brother Mu was more compassionate and rushed to hold his hand and waved it. "What teacher younger brother, I recently found that eating rice cakes and doing squats in situ before refining the fairy ship will help to improve my luck …"
Stop it. Do I look like one of those feudal superstitions to you?
Xu Zhihu said that he believed that he immediately ate a big bowl of rice cakes in situ and did twenty squats in one breath. After completing a set of feudal superstition ceremonies, he finally took a deep breath and took out a bag of fairy materials, brimming with dreary exercise, and poured it into the ship refining pool-
In an instant, the clear pool water suddenly surged into the sky and roared in the wind, and the huge whirlpool brought up dozens of high cyan waves.
And in this green whirlpool, with the dissolution and reunion of those fairy resources, a five-story ship with a dark hull like a mountain has looming with a vague outline. Even though it is still hidden in the water mist at the moment, it is not clear enough, but the momentum of standing like a mountain has already come!
"This is what fairy ship has never seen before!" Brother Chen, they were so amazed that they immediately lost their breath and even dared not cough.
In the crow, the towering dark building ship gradually became more and more clear, roared and poured in the turbulent water, and the bow was as tall as a wall, roaring and vibrating, turning around like a spirit, and then slowly coming towards the pool with a deafening roar …
As if within reach, Zhihu was moved to tears as he looked closer and closer to the bow. "Ah, ah, finally, I can’t be excited later. The more I want to be calm at this time, the more I can’t …"
Before he finished reading silently, the green light shone like a scorching sun when the ship pool suddenly became dark!
In a flash, the original aura keeps pouring into the pool, just like being stuck in a pipe. Suddenly, it takes only a second to get back to normal without waiting for everyone to make a light call.
The problem is that the aura is interrupted in this second. The original ship is gradually condensing and heading for the pool. The ship suddenly roared and trembled, and the ripples were as black as ripples, and then …
Shit! Xu Zhihu gaping so koo zheng big eyes looking at near shake mountain ship gently shake shake the green light virtual shadow disappeared in the air.
Silence! Weird silence!
At this moment, everyone was dumbfounded. Look at me. I see that your red sister is still cheering and laughing. It took half a quarter of an hour to finally squeeze out a sentence, "Er, what happened just now?"
You ask me, who am I asking?
After a long time, a large group of people were petrified. It was still the first reaction of Brother Chen. It was a little unbelievable. He stammered, "Er, it seems that the ship refining pool suddenly lost its aura just now …"
Poof! Xu Zhihu’s mouth is full of water spray, and it’s almost like an adult fountain!
Your sister, it happened that it took ten days to stop labor and labor at this time, and it took a lot of fairy resources to shake the mountain ship. Hey, hey, hey, don’t take it. What’s the difference between this and a sudden stop during qualifying?
The problem is that there is nothing. Hundreds of pairs of eyes are staring at the soon-to-be-formed Shashan ship, so it is gone, so it is gone, so it is gone …
There’s no one here, either. Brother Chen, they looked at each other and twitched involuntarily at the corners of their mouths. "Er, Brother Ning, calm down, calm down. The more you want to … I don’t want to draw a sword. What do you want to do?"
What else can I do? Xu Zhihu was so angry that tears welled up in his eyes that he directly brushed and pulled out his sword and combatively drank a "big ye! Which bastard is so wicked? Pull out the source at all times. Labor and capital guarantee not to kill … "
Haven’t come to shout the whole ship refining pool suddenly roared and vibrated again. In the surging water waves, everyone exclaimed in unison, as if being swept by air billow.
At this moment, in their consternation, thousands of fairy ships from Shushan gathered into a raging sea, and the green waves roared out of the main hall of the inverted peak, roaring like engulfing heaven and earth, sweeping across thirty-six inverted peaks and surging toward the southwest sky!
An elder in the group of fairy ships who covered the sky and covered the earth sailed a towering ship in the middle of the wind and waves, and the white-browed palm taught the green robe to slowly turn his head and look at the ship refining pool. Brother Xu Zhihu hated the sea, but they waved gently, "Brothers come with me!"
Oh, oh, oh, although nothing happened, Brother Chen hurriedly recruited the fairy ship and followed it to Xu Zhihu with Chijie, of course. Yun Fan took them into the marginal fairy ship group and did not forget to ask the ship spirit sister next to him, "Er, what happened?"
"Big event, big event!" The ship spirit sister is obviously also a divination party, and she is very happy when talking about things. "Just now, Zhang Jiao and an elder finally figured out that the green robe old demon secretly forged the fairy ship’s magic nest after several days of calculation!"
"True or false?" Yun Fan was pleasantly surprised and immediately reacted, "Wait, so that means we are going to smash the magic teaching field now?"
"That’s right!" The ship’s sister is also very excited. It seems that she can’t wait to want to start. "You know what? In order to calculate the specific location, Zhang taught them to lose the essence for decades, and with the help of the entire shushan spirit vein, they temporarily lost their aura at the thirty-six inverted peaks just now. Sister Yun, didn’t you … Brother Yi Ning, why did you bite your teeth? "
Nothing. I have a toothache!
Xu Zhihu is very vicissitudes of life. Looking up to heaven, he carefully calculated the probability that the sword was hacked to death and decided to throw it away.
However, at this time, the fairy ship group has been surging into the sky, driving a boat with white eyebrows and palms to teach the blue to suddenly wave its sleeves gently!
Almost at this moment, there are thirty-six inverted peaks in Shushan, and thirty-six green lights rise into the sky. In an instant, ripples suddenly appear in the virtual space, and one side occupies most of the sky.
"This is this?" Xu Zhihu was greatly surprised to see this shining mirror.
"This is our unique secret method of Shushan-Wan Li Instant Mirror!" Yun Fan ourtenant explained that he took the lead in driving the ship to this water mirror. "My younger brother and my younger sister sit tight and wait until we pass through this water mirror, and then we can directly reach the vicinity of the magic teaching secret nest …"
"Wait!" Xu Zhihu suddenly remembered one thing, turned to the back and hugged her. "Xiaoqian Xiaoqian, you stay and hug them. Don’t go with us to kill demons!"
"Gee …" Hearing his words, Xiaoqian immediately got out of her notes and stopped her with her arms. She also had sex and rowed a dragon boat hug. "Haw haw haw …"
Passing 18-wheeler, the golden light ship has already taken Xu Zhihu and Chijier, and has merged into a torrent with hundreds of fairy ships and rushed into the instantaneous mirror in Wan Li!
The moment is accompanied by the distortion of time to form ripples. Every fairy ship violently roars and vibrates as if it will completely fall apart at any time. This terrible bump didn’t last long. Only a few seconds later, the fairy ship group recovered smoothly, and the blue ripples formed a slow progress in the optical flow, just like driving a vast and gentle river.
"Well, is this a time river?" Captain Xu Zhihu Building breathed a sigh of relief but couldn’t help but look around curiously.
Different from his first experience, the brothers of Shushan, a nearby fairy ship, have obviously become accustomed to it. Most people are poised and sitting on the deck, doing the final pre-war preparations, checking the instruments, preparing the Dan medicine, and preparing the Dan medicine. Brother Mu also looked at the young Mengmei beside him and smiled happily. "Well, I will get married when I get back after this battle …"
Shit! Xu Zhihu suddenly had a creepy feeling when he heard this.
As a result, I didn’t wait for him to say anything before I saw that Brother Mu on the other side was also smiling and took out a portrait from his arms and handed it over. "Brother Ning, do you think this is my daughter? Isn’t it cute?"
I haven’t finished yet. Not far away, Brother Chen suddenly got up seriously and lectured several younger brothers and sisters. "Listen, don’t touch anything until I come back later, okay?"
Damn it, are you standing up and dying FLAG?
Xu Zhihu couldn’t help shivering with tears. Holy shit, it doesn’t seem good. Usually, hearing this kind of line means not far from death. So it may seem easy this time …
Before he came to think about it carefully, the fleet of fairy ships that were running smoothly suddenly showed signs of vibration and slowed down. Almost at the same time, the clear sound of bridled reality had sounded on every fairy ship-
"Brothers, in a moment, we will leave the Wan Li Mirror. If there is no mistake, don’t be careless near the exit!"
Taking his word, I just discussed getting married and looking at portraits. My brothers in Shushan suddenly entered the murderous high-cold mode. Hundreds of people stood up and drew their swords. Even the ship’s spiritual sisters took time to adjust the number of fairy ships, and the green light fairy ship’s head condensed and formed as if it would roar and shoot at any time!
What can I say? Xu Zhihu and Chijie looked at each other and turned to look around blankly. At this time, the cyan light flow around the fairy fleet gradually became very transparent, and the scene outside could be vaguely seen.
"Is this the location of the secret nest of the Magic Sect?" Xu Zhihu tried his best to open his eyes and look at the towering mountain peak that gradually became clear outside the green light. "Well, the mountain is steep and there is aura, especially the coil wire halfway up the mountain … poof!"
After a few seconds, I saw that Xu Zhihu and Chijie, who are familiar with the silk hole, suddenly sprayed together!
In the eerie silence, two people looked at each other dumbfounded, as if they had weathered and petrified together. Wait a minute, don’t tell us that the so-called magic secret nest is really our Dongshan?
Fortunately, fortunately, such a terrible thing did not happen!
After the fairy ship group bypassed the near Dongshan Mountain, it continued to move forward along the cyan optical flow towards the depths of Dongjiang River. Xu Zhihu was glad to breathe a sigh of relief, but suddenly he lost a lot of things-
What am I talking about? At the beginning, the Double Snake Sect sent that crazy girl to Dongjiang. Maybe at that time, they had already formed an alliance with the Demon Sect to find a place to build a secret nest. Well, after a big circle, the Magic Sect’s secret nest was hidden in our Dongjiang 100,000 demon mountains. I just don’t know which demon mountain would be so unlucky to be chosen …