When Bai Xiaofei, the commander and the immortal master came to the bridge, others walked with them. Bai Xiaofei made no secret of everything he saw and heard in his city.

It’s not the first time that the commander got the news of the dungeon. When Bai Xiaofei and others went to the reservoir to find a way to seal the corpse king, they had already met some corpse brothers who were digging the dungeon. Since then, soldiers have discovered underground anomalies one after another.
However, it is of great value to really go deep into the city and return safely to Bai Xiaofei.
After listening to Bai Xiaofei’s introduction to the silence, everyone was thinking.
Yu Xiaojia’s heart is full of sympathy for Xiaofei because Bai Xiaofei has been betrayed by his favorite person. Listening to Bai Xiaofei, Wei has lived in the city safely for a long time and never wanted to escape. In her heart, she is already a corpse brother, not a human being.
Xiao pang turned pale. He didn’t expect that he had loved Wei and turned into a skeleton. Although he had known for a long time that Wei was infected with the corpse brother virus, it was inevitable, but he still shuddered to hear that Wei could actually wear off her skin.
He took a glance at Xiaofei. Bai Xiaofei knows all the truth but still loves Wei. It seems that his love for Wei is really not white. Xiaofei himself even wants to love a corpse brother. It should be, and it should be like her-Xiao Pang’s eyes turned to Yu Xiaojia.
Little monkey Sun looks excited. His mind is simple. Since there are so many corpse brothers in the dungeon, he can kill them enough. Haha, he is inexplicably excited at the thought of fighting for several corpse brothers.
Appearing like a bag, she couldn’t help but interject, "Uncle Bai Xiaofei, have you seen my mother in the city?"
Bai Xiaofei shook his head. "Sorry Lulu, I came and went in a hurry, but I didn’t see your mother. Your mother has regained her senses and may not live with her brother."
Lulu, holding her little head, didn’t know whether to hope her mother’s city or not.
She thought carefully that if her mother lived in the city, she would say that she had completely regarded herself as a member of the corpse brother, but if she was wandering alone outside, her mother was pitiful. What if she was killed by the military?
The commander coughed, "Bai Xiaofei, your information is very important, especially that you can give birth to a corpse brother through photosynthesis-this is indeed a great threat to us. Although on the surface, the corpse king no longer needs to infect human beings through the corpse brother virus because he created the mother tree, the common people are temporarily safe, but the mother tree can continuously create a new generation of corpse brothers, who will compete with us for the earth, and the corpse king can really realize the ambition of unifying the earth by this."
Chapter 349 The earth is human.
At this time, the immortal master interjected, "Although this new generation of corpse brothers is a threat, it seems to my old man that it is also an opportunity. Think about how good it is that this new generation of corpse brothers can live on photosynthesis without eating or drinking, and have both animal and plant abilities."
Commander Zheng didn’t expect the immortal master to have such an idea. Although he respected the immortal master very much, he shook his head and objected, "The immortal master’s so-called non-human heart will be different. The power of this new generation of corpse brothers is great. After all, it is enough that there are humans on the earth!"
The earth is a human being, and if all other creatures on the earth need to be sacrificed, they should be extinct. Anyway, since the birth of mankind, there have been several species, and there are not many new species of corpse brothers who have been extinct in the process of sending them to the earth.
The immortal master did not agree with the commander’s idea and sighed secretly. Although the corpse king wounded him, he was very admired by the corpse king, an old-timer who built the Daqin Empire behind the scenes. He was almost a demigod and a demigod, and he could create the mother tree as an artifact of heaven and earth!
If the ex-corpse brother still needs to be born by infecting human beings, the corpse brother has emerged from the mother tree and has become a new race.
This corpse king has become the creator, comparable to the Eastern Nuwa and the Western Emperor!
Master Immortal suddenly felt a move in his heart. Why didn’t the corpse king display such great power more than 22 years ago? According to the information obtained from his own investigation, the corpse king didn’t have such creation ability until the emperor looked for the elixir. Is this elixir the real source of the corpse brother?
The ancient phase, the elixir of life, comes from the ancient people in the celestial world, whose knowledge is insufficient and their scientific research level is backward. In their eyes, the so-called celestial world may be a foreign language, the Yunxiao Hall nine days away, or a huge spaceship, and the elixir of life is a genetic modification agent for alien languages-the corpse king has acquired this genetic modification agent and can create new species by himself? !
The immortal master was so lost in thought that he didn’t pay attention to the commander’s words. The commander has decided to wait for the results of Nima’s research on the eagle corpse brother. If the new generation corpse brother can be born only by photosynthesis, then the military must launch an attack to destroy the mother tree!
Never give Brother Corpse a chance to strengthen his race!
The research results of Brother Eagle’s corpse will come out soon.
Half a month later, Nima invited the commander to watch the study of the eagle corpse brother with everyone.
Nima took everyone to a closed room where they couldn’t see their fingers, and then each person was given an infrared glasses without much explanation. "Look for yourself."
Bai Xiaofei’s vision is different from that of ordinary people. Without infrared eyes, he can see the eagle’s corpse lying dying across a glass wall. However, his feathers are messy, and even the color has become a little gray. Even his eyes are closed. When he hears the movement outside the glass wall next to him, he shivers and his eyelids don’t move any more.
This is the same as seeing the snowman couple fighting for more than half a month in Bai Xiaofei Ice Cave, and they are still in full spirits.
Next to Nima, he said, "This is half a month after we put Brother Eagle in the darkroom. As a result, we tried to give him all kinds of food, including human blood, but Brother Eagle didn’t eat or drink at all, and now-as you can see, Brother Eagle is not far from death."
The commander pondered for a moment, "but this is not enough to prove that the eagle corpse brother depends on photosynthesis for the afterlife."
Nima held her arm and said, "Well, I think we can let everyone see it with their own eyes and draw a conclusion."
She pulled up Lulu’s little hand. "There is a small window on the left side of Lulu’s wall. Go and hit it slowly."
Lulu stood on tiptoe and tapped the window before she obeyed. Suddenly, the sun shone through the window and shone in the darkroom. The ground made a dazzling aperture like a stage spotlight.
Except for Bai Xiaofei, everyone was busy taking off their infrared glasses. The sunlight made everyone look extremely dazzling through infrared glasses.
The dying eagle brother suddenly moved. Although his eyes were closed, he seemed to be able to sense the sun, quacking and stretching his head to climb to the aperture.
This should be the so-called light-driving effect. Plants have no eyes, but when their branches and leaves grow, they will automatically spread to sunny places.
Bai Xiaofei saw the eagle corpse brother climb to the sun and stretch three pairs of wings to make every feather bathe in the sun as much as possible, but a moment later, the eagle corpse brother had already opened his eyes and shouted loudly.
That is to say, after a meal, I had a sigh of relief from my death. Brother Eagle’s corpse has got up in high spirits. The sun combed his feathers, and the original dark gray feathers turned into white jade again, with a faint fluorescence.
"2 minutes" Nima looked at the chronograph "19 minutes and 34 seconds, to be exact. Efficient and very efficient photosynthetic sunlight is converted into energy. The power is dozens of times that of the current artificial satellite solar panels. No! The solar pool board passively receives energy, while this eagle corpse brother actively absorbs solar energy! Amazing, I can’t afford to plant a new life! "
Nima is purely a scientist’s feeling that the corpse king creates new life, but the commander considers it more realistic, which means that the corpse king will have a huge army that will attack and attack again without eating or drinking and basking in the sun every day!
Facing enemies that can be born through photosynthesis is a terrible nightmare for all the troops on the earth at present.
"Mother tree! Be sure to kill the mother tree! " Commander Li Dao
The immortal master shook his head. "All these causes and effects are caused by the corpse king. If you destroy a mother tree, the corpse king can create another one. Don’t forget that Bai Xiaofei said that the mother tree relied on the corpse king to give energy. When the corpse king was in Shenzhou No.1, the mother tree was greatly damaged. The birth of the new generation of corpse brothers was flawed."
If the commander doesn’t know this truth, he said in a hoarse voice, "The corpse king can’t cope with it now, but it can destroy the mother tree! According to Bai Xiaofei’s intelligence, the mother tree seems to have no attack ability. It is a huge fertility device. If we can kill it, we can deal a heavy blow to the corpse king. "
Linglong said, "The problem is that the mother tree is deep in the underground city. How can we attack and destroy it? Send large troops? The dungeon is the lair of the corpse brother, and even the special warriors can’t beat so many corpse brothers, let alone close to the mother tree. "
The commander shook his head. "No, we won’t send large troops. I decided to adopt the method of shelling from the middle. The Shenzhou-1 high-energy granular magnetic railgun shelled the mother tree. The high-energy granular magnetic railgun is powerful enough to penetrate the thick rock layer of the dungeon and kill the mother tree with one shot!"
Linglong wanted to think, "This is feasible, but we must locate the shelling and confirm the location of the mother tree before we can attack. Otherwise, we can’t always use high-energy granular magnetic railguns to beat H city hole after hole like hamster holes, and the corpse king won’t bombard us without striking back. Once we have a shelling opportunity, the corpse king will counterattack and there will be no chance from then on."
Commander nodded. "Nice and exquisite. You and I want to go to one place. Positioning is the key to the success of this shelling! We need someone who has the ability to sneak into the corpse brother’s dungeon and is familiar with the dungeon, knows the location of the mother tree and places the positioning device in the mother tree. "
Everyone turned their attention to Bai Xiaofei, which can be said to be tailor-made by Bai Xiaofei. Except for him, no other person has ever been to the dungeon and seen the mother tree.