Chapter one hundred and one Innovation of needle prohibition

Just now, it suddenly occurred to me that it’s a bit like your own needle-forbidden technique. Flying swords are quickly inserted into certain positions, and the large array will loosen immediately. A few more large arrays will be broken.
With this idea, Wen Tao’s consciousness and attention discovered an unusual situation. When these flying swords entered the large array, they were only a few flying swords, but different positions arranged immediately formed different effects, which eliminated all kinds of effects that caused anti-shock wind and fire in the large array.
Just like a combination lock requires several keys to be inserted at the same time.
The swordsmanship is constantly changing. Wen Tao can imagine that it is like flying his own reiki needle. The acupoints of the human body are all fixed, but the effects achieved by different combination methods are different, and the strength and depth of each position are different and ever-changing.
A few swords and a new combination will immediately disintegrate a ban, just like your own needle-banning bleeding, which can make the blood-robbing needle traumatized, make the healing needle absorb more aura, and make the gathering needle.
And their way of breaking the array is just the opposite of their own, which is an approximate way of disintegration. If they can do the opposite, can they also directly destroy or …
Wen Tao instantly thought of a lot of things about how to improve the acupuncture ban and enhance its power.
No wonder everyone is so looking forward to seeing the blue waves, the sea, the sky and the three fish break the array. After they changed like a flurry, 333 arrays were broken. Now, the same three forces are hanging on the island, and the speed of breaking the array is not slow, but look at who they are compared with.
Compared with the brute force of black dumplings, they are much more powerful, but if they are compared with the blue waves, the sea, the sky and the three fish, they are worlds apart.
Wentao’s heart is integrated into the broken array swordsmanship, and he has been trying to save people by banning needles. Some moves he gets from the main attack are also saving people, and some effects are far from so shocking. Besides, this swordsmanship has certain control over the effects of various arrays and arrays of wind, fire and thunder. If you have this method in your own needle-banning operation,
In wartime, it is necessary to make the flying sword opponent use magic and array, and even the flying sword itself can be broken like this
Relatively speaking, we can realize that we are more focused on attack and destruction, but although it is destruction, it has also played a great role in the continued development of needle ban after Wentao, let alone if we can integrate these insights we saw today into our own needle ban
When you meet two grandfathers like Kong Wenhao and Dongfang Sword, you won’t rely on crossing the Xiaotian to rescue them. After all, some people have already survived the natural disaster or are not the people who fix the truth. If the blood knows this method, it can break up the blood fog, just like breaking stones in gallstones in modern medicine.
At this time, Wentao quickly calculated in his mind that there are some big forces that will specially raise this kind of broken array. This way of broken array is not a secret, and there is no need to hide it. It is a secret like Bibi Haitian.
Wen Tao, on the other hand, had the opportunity to see a practical class and then analyze it and integrate it into his own acupuncture ban system.
Wen Tao’s needle-banning technique has been developed and perfected since it was founded, although it is only two years ago. Up to now, the needle-banning technique has been basically established, but it has a definite goal although the posterior approach is still very long.
"Guess what the boss thinks?" Luo Zhenfeng sounded the tsunami. For Luo Zhenfeng, this kind of waiting is the most boring taste. However, he is now wearing Bibo Haitian’s clothes and can behave himself. When chatting, look around carefully and see Wentao standing in the middle with his eyes closed.
"Do you know?"
"Nonsense I know also ask you! !”
"Then why should I know?"
"With you are a genius, I am not! !”
"You are me, not me". If you are a general practitioner, I’m afraid it won’t be in vain. This society has given a reinterpretation to genius words. For example, the genius Luo Zhenfeng said that most of them represent natural fools, but the tsunami, after all, has been mixed up with the secular world for so many years. The most important thing is to fight with Luo Zhenfeng for so many years. This language trap is still fine for him.
"alas!" Luo Zhenfeng is very chatty and shakes his head. It’s really chatty that these people are really patient. What’s the point of just watching?
It’s not just Luo Zhenfeng who thinks there’s another person who also thinks Tianjunxing. In addition to just paying attention to it, people pay attention to Wentao several times after they have a rough figure in their hearts. It’s definitely not as simple as closing their eyes.
This feeling may be due to the time when Wen Tao picked up the dragon sword like a child’s play.
After more than seven hours, the four men were already extremely tired, but they still maintained a speed. After all, the people who broke the array on the island still had some strength. In less than an hour, the four men stopped and pecked at me in the north.
"Blue waves, sea and sky broke three hundred and thirty-three prohibitions, and I suspended the island and broke three hundred and thirty-three prohibitions, but I can take my time without the mysterious ability of the owner of Biqiong Island." Bei Ming pecked his hand and stopped after breaking three hundred and thirty-three prohibitions. Because of the blue waves, sea and sky, three fish quickly broke the array, Bei Ming pecked his face, which was not very good.
Only after these two forces make moves can he be qualified and dare to start work.
"I’ve made a fool of myself on Fengming Island, although I don’t have the strength of the two big islands, but I’ve also done my part." I said that the three phoenixes on Fengming Island have moved, and they have all transformed themselves into three colorful wings, which are also hundreds of meters long and beautiful.
"I depend on beautiful! What kind of bird is this tsunami! " Luo Zhenfeng couldn’t help but marvel at it.
Tsunami shook his head and said, "The strange thing about Fengming Island is that both their island owner Phoenix and their hands are demon-cultivated, and no one knows whether it is the same kind of demon-cultivated roots, which is beyond our common sense."
"If you fail, you are still the owner of the island, and you don’t even know your own home site."
"Do you know how much hair you have?"
"…" Luo Zhenfeng laughed. "I know what you have to say."
"I don’t know, ask me!" Two people have different opinions.
The dialogue between the two of them made Tianjunxing smile. He didn’t care about these people’s broken array. He knew all about these people. He paid more attention to what Wentao was thinking. It has been so long.
Fengming Island’s broken array is also unique. Mi Lou, Ye Xue and Chun Rou turned back to their bodies, and their wings incited feathers to shoot at the large array one after another. It’s better to fly back to them than to say that they can fly back to them after fighting the large array, and then shoot again like a hundred thousand arrows at a time.
The speed was not too slow. It took more than three hours to break a hundred prohibitions before it slowed down. Finally, it broke a total of 120 prohibitions before it stopped. Obviously, everyone had reservations for a while to prepare for the coming birth of Guxianfu.
No one knows what will happen in this ancient fairy house, and everyone is ready.
Fengming Island’s three-phoenix method also has its merits, but gradually it is meaningless for some small or several lone people to join hands to make the hard-breaking method.
Wentao’s eyes gradually opened. At this time, it has passed for seventeen hours, and the large array is banned less and less. It is reasonable to say that it is so easy to break the array like the blue waves and the sea. They should directly break or hang the island, but the rules for overseas scattered repairs are different.
It will never be like shushan, where you reap after I break it. Everyone has to step in and get something for nothing. It is impossible to say that there are more forces, fewer forces and fewer individuals.
However, for big powers, it is easy to break the array, and it takes only a few minutes to break 330 bans, while sometimes it takes half an hour or even longer to break a ban.
However, everyone in the place is watching and waiting coldly, and the person who fixes the truth needs the most is the right time.
It took about forty-nine hours from the time when the large array was stably broken to the time when the last person broke the last ban. However, Wentao sometimes thought about some new ideas about the ban on needles and some improvements in the new array.